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It’s a big week for gaming, folks. Not only are we playing games like Dishonored and Worms Revolution, but we’re also in the middle of New York Comic Con, which is providing plenty of geek fan service. To kick off the weekend, we present to you, the GameZone faithful, with our weekly wrap-up of reviews, previews, and original editorial content. Check it all out here.


Dishonored will feed your hunger for revenge, and satisfy it (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

While it takes a short while to really get going, this steampunk-inspired adventure ultimately takes off and delivers on its pre-release hype.

iControlPad is mobile gaming's messiah (Gadgets)

If you’re looking for an outstanding controller option to play your mobile games, you really can’t go wrong with the iControlPad.

FIFA 13 on PS Vita feels like a repeat (Vita)

Is this game of handheld soccer any fun? Yes, it most certainly is. Sadly, it’s the same game we already played six months ago.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Origins review (Xbox 360, PS3)

Capcom successfully delivers an enjoyable throwback to the days of old school 2D crossover fighters.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors stays faithful to the series, but suffers from repetition (PS3)

Despite the gameplay’s appeal wearing thin quite soon into the experience, this anime-based title still has a few interesting moments.

Worms Revolution review (Xbox 360, PS3)

Team17 delivers one hell of a turn-based artillery experience with the return of its Worms series, which is pretty triumphant for the most part.

FTL: Faster Than Light video review (PC)

This spaceship sim delivers a unique take on the roguelike formula and is incredibly addictive.


Adventure Time steals the show, this time on 3DS

Despite being based on a preexisting license, this upcoming handheld title is proving to be a total blast to play.

[NYCC 2012] The Unfinished Swan is a work of art … literally

It’s unique, it’s fresh, and it’s incredibly artistic. This upcoming PlayStation Network title has all the potential to be a winner.

[NYCC 2012] Wonderbook 'Book of Spells' is just as cool as I thought it would be

Despite being a bit offbeat, it’s evident that there are some solid gameplay foundations in this upcoming game from Sony.

[NYCC 2012] PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale leaves a lasting impression

The PlayStation 3 and Vita crossover fighter is looking more and more worthwhile with every passing update and press event.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter beta impressions

If you’re a fan of military shooters, you should definitely keep a lookout for the upcoming Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

[NYCC 2012] The Last of Us shows off more of the same

While we’re not questioning the game’s quality, it would seem that Sony continues to show us the same content as far as The Last of Us is concerned.

[NYCC 2012] God of War: Ascension is equal parts brutal and kick-ass

If you’re looking to add more God of War to your life, Ascension seems to deliver exactly that, which is to say it’ll probably be badass.

[NYCC 2012] Tomb Raider even manages to make hunting deer seem intense

Crystal Dynamics’ fresh take on the Lara Croft character is interesting and emotional, and it may actually manage to pull players into a riveting experience come launch.

Kevin Smith and cast of Comic Book Men talk Season 2 at NYCC Panel

GameZone gets a sneak peak at season 2 of AMC’s comic book-themed reality show.

[NYCC 2012] Injustice: Gods Among Us plays just as good as it looks

2013 is almost here, and already we’ve got one hell of a fighting game to look forward to.

[NYCC 2012] Hitman Absolution is pure stealth assassin bliss

Agent 47’s upcoming stealth-action romp looks to be an exciting adventure rife with assassination.

GZ Originals

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn interview: Executive Producers Josh Feldman and Lydia Antonini

GameZone gets the skinny on this upcoming live-action Halo endeavor straight from the producers.

Borderlands 2 Class Breakdown: Maya the Siren

Thinking of playing as Maya in Borderlands 2? Check out our class breakdown.

How will Cliff Bleszinski’s departure from Epic affect Gears of War Judgment?

Cliffy B has left Epic Games. How will that affect the future of Gears of War, starting with the upcoming Judgment?

That awkward moment when you know the Akinator knows: League of Legends champions

It’s scary that this digital genie knows his League of Legends.

Borderlands 2 Class Breakdown: Salvador the Gunzerker

We give you the skinny on Salvador the Gunzerker from Borderlands 2.

Nitpick: How cheap is death?

Seriously, why is cheap death even a thing in video games?

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