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What did you miss about video games today? What were some of the gaming industry's most popular people tweeting about? I'll give you 10 tweets I found awesome, informative, weird, funny, stupid, or whatever, and then I'll give some commentary on it.

Today, Netflix announced they're not renewing over 1,700 movies andCuriosity got the better of us.

It's a good chunk of movies, but they're movies I wasn't watching to begin with. WithHouse of Cards,Hemlock GroveandArrested Development, I'd rather see Netflix keep making original content instead of renewing classic movies that barely anyone watches. South Park is the biggest deal, and there are some other big name titles not coming back to the video streaming service, but there's also good movies that are making their way to Netflix –ParaNorman andThe Hunger Games, to name a few.

I cannot wait. Can't. Wait. The TV spots forInto Darkness have been excellent, and seeing that the Klingons will be playing a role in the film — after being edited out of the 2009Star Trek film — has me stoked. #Soready

Rob Ryan saying fck yea

If you haven't bought or playedBioShock Infiniteyet, do it. Now. Unless you want the better graphics that come with the PC version. If that's the case, you can wait a bit longer or get it for $49. But everyone and their mother should experience this game eventually.

This is impressive. And I'd feel really bad if someone yelled, "Booker! Catch!", threw it at me, and I didn't catch it.

I'm married with two kids. There'll be no money or sex for me, regardless of what shirt you wear. Thanks for the effort, though.

Peter Skerritt is quickly becoming one of my favorite people I'm following on Twitter. The Wii U definitely has an identity crisis; that's apparent from them sending messages to current Wii owners. But Peter is right; there's still time to turn this baby around. I need them to, because I dropped $350 on this console at launch and don't want to see it fail.

This was a fun little read, and I think the amount is quite accurate given the factors and numbers involved. I'm assuming that this is the value of the home before Mandarin blows it to smithereens.

Nintendo! This is what I'm talking about! This makes people confused! You can't say that's it's not just and upgrade, and then tell them to 'upgrade' their Wii to a Wii U! That's confusing as f*ck! Come on!

This article and the realizations that this man went through during a year without using the internet is mind-blowing. If you read one thing today, besides GameZone (because you have to go somewhere to comment on spelling), it should be this. I give Paul Miller all the credit in the world, because I definitely could not survive a year without using the internet.

Tweet of the Day

Peter Molyneux is a weird guy. His genius ideaCuriosity is all the craze today. One person will find out what's in the box, and then that person can tell the world (and get all the karma on Reddit), or keep it to himself. Let's just hope it's not Brad Pitt's wife's head.

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