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What did you miss about video games today? What were some of the gaming industry's most popular people tweeting about? I'll give you 10 tweets I found awesome, informative, weird, funny, stupid, or whatever, and then I'll give some commentary on it.

Today, Microsoft revealed the date that they're revealing their next Xbox console. It was a reveal of a reveal. Seeing as how everyone on the internet knows about it now, it's mentioned once in today's tweets. That's all.

If you're a fan of action figures or DC Comics, these should be right up your alley. As the article from Game Informer states, the figures are sold in two-packs with a $29.95 price tag. And Batman, among others, aren't included in any of the packages. How the hell do you leave out Batman?

DC Injustice: Gods Among Us action figures, Superman and Night Wing

C2E2 is the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, and I'm insanely jealous that I won't see Lobo's game-play footage live among first-time viewers at the event. Lobo will be the first of four DLC characters released. Want to know howInjustice: Gods Among Us is? Check out my review.

RoombaCAT… I should've known… Thanks for killing a few thousand brain cells with that video.

There we have it — a next-gen reveal from Microsoft has been confirmed. A few people in our office got this email, just not five times. It certainly is an exciting wait until we have concrete knowledge of the next Xbox. Make sure you tune in, well, basically anywhere on the internet on May 21 at 10am PT. Of course, you'll be able to get all your next-gen Xbox information at

I'm not sayin that theStar Trek game is good, but neither is this review.

I'm a huge Disney fan. I want to be angry that someone made fun of Disney, but I can't because they're spot on and too freakin' funny. My favorite is the 101 Dalmations poster.

You don't, Meggan… you don't. By the way, I fully endorse pie as a dessert over cake. F*ck cake. Pie is 10 times better.

  1. No home
  2. No computer
  3. No internet
  4. The bridge they live under does get good wifi signal from Starbucks
  5. Kickstarter is only Zach Braff and his celeb buddies now.

Everything is better with Kinect… boxes. Honestly, $15 for a box isn't that bad. I've paid a lot more money for a box before, and it was only for an hour…

Tweet of the Day

Okay, Bishop inX-Men: Days of Future Pasthas me really excited. It's only fitting that he's in it considering that time travel is a huge element in the movie's storyline. I could not be more excited!

What do you hope to learn at Microsoft's next-gen Xbox reveal? Your thoughts on Bishop inDays of Future Past? Sound off in the comments.

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