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Following last week's report that Sony's PlayStation Vita sales fell to an all-time low in Japan, we have numbers for the week of April 9th and it didn't get better.

PlayStation Vita sales fell once again, moving only 8,250 units for the week covering April 9 through April 15th. A slow week for new releases didn't help as all major platforms saw a drop in sales. The NIntendo 3DS fell nearly 9,000 units selling only 63,796 while the PS3 sold 17,765. Perhaps the most interesting number here is that the PSP managed to sell almost 5,000 more units than the Vita – not good at all for the new handheld.

Below are the full hardware sales charts for the week of April 9th, with the previous week's sales in parentheses.

    3DS: 63,796 (72,115)

    PS3: 17,765 (19,370)

    PSP: 13,166 (14,804)

    PSV: 8,250 (8,931)

    Wii: 6,837 (7,099)

    X360: 1,373 (3,764)

    PS2: 1,212 (1,355)

    DSi LL: 800 (793)

    DSi: 633 (743)

Software sales pretty much followed the same with PSP and 3DS titles dominating sales. 2nd Super Robot Wars Z Sasei Volume was the top seller with 34,403 units followed by Kingdom Hearts 3D (20,977). The Vita had no titles in the top 20.

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By Matt Liebl