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Killzone (PS3) Image

Last month we reported Sony had plans to bring the original PlayStation 2 game Killzone to PS3. At the time, the ESRB had leaked the company's plans to bring an exact port of the game to PS3. This was then followed by a GameInformer update saying the game would be available in the U.S. on January 24th on the PlayStation Network (now renamed Sony Entertainment Network) for $9.99.

Well, we are now in February and there is still no Killzone port on the PS3. What's the deal?

According to the official Killzone Twitter, the game has been "delayed indefinitely". Early today they tweeted, "With regards to KZ1 for PS3, not sure what happened but I've been informed that it's been delayed indefinitely."

Aside from that, not much else is known. No one knows why it has been delayed or for how long. But this does make us wonder, was it delayed to make room for a potential Killzone 4?

It's unlikely that working on a Killzone 4 would be the culprit, but when asked by a fan if there were any news on THAT, the response was a sly, "No comment."

They did promise that any news regarding Killzone for PS3 would be posted on Twitter.

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By Matt Liebl