Halo: Forward Unto Dawn

How does Netflix follow up losing over 1,000 titles in its library? By replacing them with even better ones — ones that gamers will care even more about. Netflix subscribers in the U.S. can now stream 343 Industries' live-action seriesHalo: Forward Unto Dawn. Based in theHalouniverse, the series was originally released in episodes through Machinima'sYouTube channel. Following that, it was sold through iTunes, Blu-ray, DVD and Xbox Video.

The series takes place 25 years before the events of Halo: Combat Evolved — the first game in the Halo franchise. According to Instant Watcher,Forward Unto Dawnwill be available to stream for the next two years.

Now all Netflix has to do, since they're producing their own shows and bringing canceled ones back, is bring backFirefly. I'm tired of asking…

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By Lance Liebl