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The unu, formerly introduced to the world as the "snakebyte eins", made another appearance at CES 2013 this week. Unlike previously announced and currently available Android-based gaming platforms, the unu offers a truly "multifaceted experience", acting as a tablet, gaming console, and Smart TV system. It is capable of running apps, surfing the web, and playing games, videos or music.

The key to the unu is what's inside of the retail box. A docking station allows you to hook the unu up to your television, turning the device into a Smart TV, so you can enjoy movies and games (with the controller!) on your big screen. While docked, you can control the unu with the game controller or the air mouse.

So how does this air mouse work? Judging from the trailer it looks like a simple television remote control. Basically, the unu recognizes the mouse (sort of like a Wiimote). You can then control the arrow on the television by moving the air mouse through mid-air. On the back of the mouse is a full keyboard that makes typing on the web even easier.

The unu runs using the Android operating system. Playable pre-release models are available at the snakebyte booth at CES. No official release date or pricing has been given.

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By Matt Liebl