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Killzone for PS3 ‘delayed indefinitely’, paving the way for Killzone 4?

Killzone (PS3) on PS2 and PS3 Image / Screenshot

Killzone (PS3) Image

Last month we reported Sony had plans to bring the original PlayStation 2 game Killzone to PS3. At the time, the ESRB had leaked the company's plans to bring an exact port of the game to PS3. This was then followed by a GameInformer update saying the game would be available in the U.S. on January 24th on the PlayStation Network (now renamed Sony Entertainment Network) for $9.99.

Well, we are now in February and there is still no Killzone port on the PS3. What's the deal?

According to the official Killzone Twitter, the game has been "delayed indefinitely". Early today they tweeted, "With regards to KZ1 for PS3, not sure what happened but I've been informed that it's been delayed indefinitely."

Aside from that, not much else is known. No one knows why it has been delayed or for how long. But this does make us wonder, was it delayed to make room for a potential Killzone 4?

It's unlikely that working on a Killzone 4 would be the culprit, but when asked by a fan if there were any news on THAT, the response was a sly, "No comment."

They did promise that any news regarding Killzone for PS3 would be posted on Twitter.

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By Matt Liebl

Sony announces Destination PlayStation 2013


Sony has ushered in the New Year with the announcement of the 13th Annual Destination PlayStation event. Hosted by Sony Computer Entertainment America, the event gives PlayStation fans a "first look at all the amazing new releases coming from Sony Computer Entertainment America in 2013."

Destination PlayStation 2013 will be held at the Fairmount Scottsdale Princess resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. Guests will be treated to food, drinks, and first looks at some of Sony's highly anticipated titles. The Destination Playstation event will take place from February 25-28, 2013. Registration is now open on the official site, where you can also find a schedule of the event.

Don't expect to see any spoilers though. Sony didn't name which titles will be showcased, but it's safe to assume high profile titles like God of War: Ascension, The Last of Us, and Beyond: Two Souls will make an appearance. Let's hope they show the PlayStation Vita some love also.

What would you like to see Sony unveil at the Destination PlayStation event?

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By Matt Liebl

Sony ceases PlayStation 2 production worldwide


It's official: Sony has stopped manufacturing PlayStation 2 consoles worldwide.

Late last year, production ceased in Japan after nearly 13 years. Now Sony has called the time of death on the PS2 worldwide, according to The Guardian, but its 150 million units sold makes it the most successful home console in history. Comparatively, the current-gen PlayStation 3 has only sold about 70 million units so far.

The PlayStation 2 launched in 2000 and built a library of over 10,000 games by 2011. Its inclusion of a DVD player welcomed it into many living rooms, and big-name exclusives like Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid kept it there.

"Sony also had a hugely successful marketing strategy, especially its association with football, which saw it gain great penetration in many territories where console gaming was underdeveloped," said Piers Harding-Rolls, a a senior analyst at IHS Screen Digest. "The PS2 went beyond the first PlayStation by expanding its audience in its later years, introducing lifestyle and social games that helped drive adoption in the mid-2000s."

The PlayStation 2 only launched in Brazil in 2009, so it hasn't had a long life cycle everywhere.

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By Stephanie Carmichael

Attorney General and gaming companies keeping sex offenders away from online games


I'm going to start a slow, building applause, and you're more than welcome to join in. As a parent and a gamer, when I see the government interferring in the video game world for the right reasons, it makes me very proud. So when I read on the New York Times that the office of the New York state attorney general, Eric. T. Schneiderman, and gaming companies like Microsoft, Blizzard, Disney Interactive Media Group, Sony, EA, and Apple were protecting our kids in the online gaming world, I was nervous at first. I was concerned it was going to be about M-ratings and taxes and what-not.

But it's not about that. It's about protecting kids from registered sex offenders in online gaming. The attorney general's office noted a case where a 19-year-old pleaded guilty to sexually abusing a 10-year-old boy he met on Xbox Live. It's not a new threat that children could be at risk on the internet, MMORPGs, forums, and any gaming platform's online service in which they interact with other people. So I became very proud that companies are taking this precaution.

The New York Times wrote that "several companies that own video gaming systems have closed more than 3,500 online accounts belonging to registered sex offenders in New York who use the consoles to chat and play video games." And that's where I queue the applause. And don't get on me about second chances and sexual offenders' rights. The moment your sexually assault someone, especially a child, you shouldn't have any more rights.

Video games aren't a right; they're a luxury.

New York state attorney general Schneiderman commented, "We must ensure online video games do not become a digital playground for dangerous predators [...] That means doing everything possible to block sex offenders from using gaming networks as a vehicle to prey on underage victims."

operation game over, sex predators game accounts closed

In the picture above, you can see Mr. Schneiderman standing next to a sign showing tips for parents. It's called Operation: Game Over (yea, it's corny, but at least what they're doing is good). Now, my eyesight is bad and the picture is blurry, but some of the tips are:

  • Educate children about protecting identifying information
  • Keep computer or game console in public area of the house
  • Use game console's parental controls
  • Choose games appropriate for child's age and maturity level

PC games like World of Warcraft are a little tougher for parents to control every aspect of, but all of this is still an appropriate measure to take.

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By Lance Liebl

Sony CEO Kaz Hirai: “Holy Sh*t, now what?”

Playstation 3 on PS3 Image / Screenshot

Playstation 3 Image

Sony's incoming CEO Kaz Hirai is in for a rough ride, and knows it too.

Speaking ahead of the company's quarterly financial report yesterday, Hirai admitted turning the Sony business around was going to be his "toughest challenge" yet.

Yesterday Sony reported a a 17.4% year-on-year decrease in total revenue and expects to report a loss of $2.9 billion for the full year – the fourth consecutive year in red. Hirai, who is most notable for his hard-nosed cuts and squeezing profits out of Sony's PlayStation game division.

"I thought turning around the PlayStation business was going to be the toughest challenge of my career, but I guess not," he said in an exclusive interview with The Wall Street Journal, talking about difficulties in fixing the electronics business. "It's one issue after another. I feel like 'Holy sh*t, now what?'"

Well, for one, Mr. Hirai plans on teaching the company's current 168,000 employees to stop relying on past successes and start selling the "user experience."

"We can't just continue to be a great purveyor of hardware products, even though some people expect us to do that," he said.

He added: "We really need to buckle down and be realistic. I don't think everybody is on board, but I think people are coming around to the idea that if we don't turn this around, we could be sitting in some serious trouble."

The upcoming president of Sony has plans to "cut costs" and "shake up" the corporate structure that he blames for stifling product innovations. Former PlayStation boss Kaz Hirai officially takes over for Howard Stringer on April 1st.

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By Matt Liebl

Exclusive Final Fantasy VII posters on GamerPrint

Final Fantasy VII on PSP, PS3, and PC Image / Screenshot

Final Fantasy VII Image

People love and will always love Final Fantasy VII. It will always have a special place in my heart. The story line, characters, and epic moments are some of the most memorable in gaming history. Now at GamerPrint you can buy five exclusive posters in a set or individually. If you buy them together you get a 25% discount.

These posters are created by the artist Dean Walton in his Final Destination seriesGamrePritn. While not officially released by Square, they are pretty damn awesome looking. Looking at these posters alone makes me want to load up Final Fantasy VII and have at it. The artist had this to say:

"GamerPrint's distinctive posters are always about the most iconic games. Everyone on the team has huge fondness for the adventures of Cloud Strife and the memorable places he visited. Our fans have been crying out for more Final Fantasy VII designs and we have delivered!"

Fan asked, artist answered. These pritns include Final Fantasy VII locations such as of Midgar, Gold Saucer, Cosmo Canyon, Nibelheim and Rocket Town. These posters are not yet out but can be preordered today. Get these locations up in your home!



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By Andrew Clouther

Sega preparing Yakuza HD for release

Yakuza on PS2 Image / Screenshot


Sega is remastering the first two Yakuza games, according to Japanese magazine Famitsu.

The remake is slated for a November 1 release in Japan. The new versions will sport enhanced graphics, reduced load times, and other features. Players can now manage their item box from the phone booth, and menus will display check marks next to food you've eaten at least once.

A North American release has yet to be confirmed, but the HD collection is headed to PS3.

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By Stephanie Carmichael

Weekly wrap-up: Comic-Con 2012 edition

Injustice: Gods Among Us on  Image / Screenshot

Injustice: Gods Among Us Image

GameZone fans, San Diego Comic-Con is here, and with it comes a bunch of awesome content for plenty of upcoming games. Because why should we relegate any specific convention to one specific aspect of geek culture? Check out our Comic-Con coverage right here, as well as the usual round of new reviews and editorials.

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Comic-Con 2012: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate

Castlevania fans may soon have a must-buy 3DS title on their hands with this one.

Comic-Con 2012: Family Guy Back to the Multiverse preview

The cast of Family Guy heads to video game consoles, and we get a close look at the upcoming title.

Comic Con 2012: South Park – The Stick of Truth preview

Seriously, when is this coming out? Because we want it, like, now.

Comic-Con 2012: Halo 4 hands-on

We jump into 343's upcoming sci-fi FPS.

Comic-Con 2012: Looper preview

This upcoming sci-fi action film has a lot of promise, and after getting the scoop on it at Comic-Con, we think it could be one hell of a ride.

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What else is there to do in San Diego during Comic-Con? A lot, actually.

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Telltale’s take on the popular Walking Dead series continues to offer rewarding adventure gameplay.

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If you’re a fan of quirky video game humor (or The Room), do yourself a favor and add this DVD to your collection, you basturrs.

Centipede: Origins review (iOS)

It’s old school, it’s fun, and it’s a dollar. What more do you want from this retro throwback?

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Nitpick: No saving grace

Save systems in video games don’t need to be a pain in the ass. And yet, more often than we’d like, they are exactly that.

Interview: Talking Super Retro Squad with Jay Pavlina

We chat with Jay Pavlina about the upcoming NES-inspired Super Retro Squad.

Playstation Vita and Nintendo 3DS vs smartphones and tablets

With mobile devices offering quick and accessible experiences, are gaming handhelds in trouble?

PS3 games that still need trophies

As long as developers are patching Trophies into their games …

Why there should never be a sequel to Max Payne 3

Just give poor Max a break already! Hasn’t he been through enough?

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Exclusive look inside the Firefall Mobile Gaming Unit

Check out the Elsword cosplayers of Anime Expo 2012

For a bunch of nonsensical gibberish, follow @thesanchezdavid on Twitter.

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By David Sanchez

GameZone 2.0 is here


Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has finally come for us to unveil our much more improved site layout.

As you might have noticed, our navigation changed a little bit at the top, now highlighting the various sections of the site, such as News, Reviews, and Videos, rather than focusing on console specifics. That option is still available however, as you can filter the stuff you want to see.

Browsing games and the content surrounding them is now more streamlined as well. A game's product page will immediately display all related news articles, screenshots, videos and even related games that might interest you.

We're definitely going to be focusing on more user content, mainly because we want to know what you guys like. Some things that will be implemented in the near future are:

  • Leveling system
  • Badge system
  • User submitted reviews
  • User submitted videos / screenshots
  • Follow specific games or sections to get the coverage you want

By Mike Splechta

SYFY Face Off Contest winners!


The SYFY Face Off contest has come to an end and we have our grand prize winner selected, as well as the four runner up winners. Everyone one of these winners will get a SYFY Face Off shirt as modeled below by our lovely intern Jamie.

Our grand prize winner is Elizabeth Russell who wins a DVD copy of Star Trek and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and a Face Off shirt, with this submission:


Runner up winners are:

Garth Lancaster

Sammantha from Las Vegas

Carol Lynch

Desirae Smith

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By Mike Splechta

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