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SuperGNES emulator seen running on the OUYA

OUYA on  Image / Screenshot

OUYA Image

When the OUYA appeared on Kickstarter, it shattered records with how quickly and how much funding the project got. Was a new Android-based console that high on people's wishlists?

When you look at Android phones today, especially in the hands of a gamer, you'll most likely see one or two, if not most of the old school emulators installed on the device, along with a plethora of games (that they all own obviously). People knew that eventually someone would be able to install emulators on an Android-based console.

It didn't even take that long. Hell, the console isn't even released to the public yet and we already have the emulator SuperGNES running on it. Without further ado, I give you Street Fighter II, running on the OUYA.

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By Mike Splechta

The Intel Ultrabook allows Civilization V to be played completely with the touchscreen (video)

Sid Meier's Civilization V on PC Image / Screenshot

Sid Meier's Civilization V Image

The lead producer for Firaxis, creators of Civilization V, talks about the touchscreen integration with the Intel Ultrabook. Dennis Shirk not only talks about, but also demos, how Civilization V can be completely played with the Ultrabook’s touch screen alone.

History’s greatest leaders need you to take control of their civilizations and they need your fingers to control them on a mobile platform. Want to build a city? Press the screen. Want to move military units? Touch the screen. Need to open up the menu? Touch the screen. It REALLY is that easy. The beauty of this, for those who have played Civ V, know that this game can easily take 20+ hours per go. The ease of taking it mobile without needing a mouse just makes this ideal.

Check out the video below. It’s extremely corny, but at the end of the video Shirk says, “We’re one step closer the a technological victory.” I admit, I laughed.


Historian, teacher, writer, gamer, cheat master, and tech guru: follow on Twitter @AndrewC_GZ

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By Andrew Clouther

Touch Detective comes to Android

Touch Detective on DS Image / Screenshot

Touch Detective

The old Nintendo DS point-and-click adventure game Touch Detective, which came to iOS last year, is now available on Android.

Players control rookie detective Mackenzie and her assistant Funghi, who must solve four cases in a small town. The game is entirely controlled via the touch screen, which makes it a good fit for mobile.

Developer Beeworks also released the Mushroom Garden games for iOS and Android.

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By Stephanie Carmichael

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City studio goes zombie bowling


Slant Six Games has gone from developing one of the biggest console properties and zombie series around to making an unknown zombie bowling game for iOS.

The Canadian studio gambled and lost with Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City in March, and a few months later, in June, it laid off almost a quarter of its staff.

Now, Slant Six has resurfaced with a smaller-scale zombie game called The Bowling Dead — fun name, but a big change from what it worked on previously. However, it made the game in partnership with Activision Publishing.

The Bowling Dead is free to play and features 40 levels, an unlimited survival mode, and yes, lots of zombies. Check out the trailer below.

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By Stephanie Carmichael

Square Enix officially announces Theatrhythm for iOS

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy on 3DS Image / Screenshot

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Image

After the tease, and then the game appearing on New Zealand's iTunes, the Final Fantasy infused music game finally makes its way to North American iTunes.

There are some changes to the iOS version, namely with the removal of Event Music Scores, and the addition of a new Quest Medley mode and even the ability to create your own tracks with the Compose Scores mode.

In THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY, adorably redesigned heroes from the catalogue of FINAL FANTASY titles set out on an adventure to combat memorable villains with rhythmic taps. THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY features a huge range of musical scores spanning 25 years of the FINAL FANTASY franchise.

Brand new to the iOS version is the Quest Medley mode, where you'll take on a range of challenges based on the songs in your collection. Each time you play, you'll find yourself facing different songs, different levels of difficulties, and different rewards for completion. The iOS version also gives players the ability to craft their own musical creations in the Compose Scores mode, which can then be shared with the world via Twitter®.

Unless you truly hate music games or all things Final Fantasy, there is no reason you shouldn't be downloading this game right now! After all, it's free! The game comes with two musical scores and 13 characters to get you started. You can then purchase new songs for $0.99 and new characters for $1.99. You can also purchase song bundles for a discounted price of $2.99.

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By Mike Splechta

Temple Run 2 now available on iOS App Store


Temple Run 2, the sequel to Imangi Studios 2011 hit mobile gameTemple Run, was released on the App Store. It is now available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for free.

Building on the success of its predecessor — which has been downloaded over 170 million times –Temple Run 2 features the same fast and addictive gameplay, but with high-res graphics, new obstacles, abilties, player powers, and achievements.Temple Run 2 also takes place in an enitrely new and challenging world — a temple in the sky filled withcurvy roads, hills and valleys, where you must fly down zip lines and speed along in mine carts to get away from the temple dwellers and retain control of the idol.

“We are so grateful to our millions of fans who turnedTemple Run,a small fun game we made in our apartment, into a worldwide pop culture phenomenon,” said Keith Shepherd, co-founder of Imangi. “WithTemple Run 2, we hope to provide our loyal players with a challenging follow-up that builds on and surpasses the endless fun of the original.”

Temple Run 2 can now be downloaded from the App Store. It will be coming soon to Google Play and the Amazon Marketplace.

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By Matt Liebl

CES 2013: Valve still developing its own Steam Box

Gear & Gadgets on  Image / Screenshot

Gear & Gadgets Image

At CES 2013, Xi3 and Valve unveiled the Piston, a name being used for a "development stage product" that is designed for gamers to enjoy Steam games anywhere. News of the Piston dominated headlines as it was thought to be Valve's long-rumored Steam Box console which, yet again, is described as being a home gaming console based on Valve's PC game service.However, in a recent interview with The Verge, Valve boss Gabe Newell revealed the company still has plans for "its own" Steam Box.

"We’ll come outwith our ownand we’ll sell it to consumers by ourselves.That’ll be a Linux box, [and] if you want to install Windows you can," Newell said. "We’re not going to make it hard. This is not some locked box by any stretch of the imagination. We also think that a controller that has higher precision and lower latency is another interesting thing to have."

Newell talked about the company's "Good, Better, or Best" approach to the Steam Box, which is a simplified way of saying we could see tiers of hardware ranging from low-cost streaming solutions to "whatever those guys want to manufacture."

"It's been surprisingly difficult when we say to people, 'Don't put an optical media drive in there,' and they put an optical media drive in there and you're like, 'That makes it hotter, that makes it more expensive, and it makes the box bigger.' Go ahead," he said.

Valve's current position is: "let's build a thing that's quiet and focuses on high performance and quiet and appropriate form factors."

You can read more about Newell's take on the Steam Box and other neat gadgets that could revolutionize the industry at The Verge.

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By Matt Liebl

Minecraft PC’s 9M copies make up nearly half of total sales

Minecraft on PC Image / Screenshot

Minecraft PC

If the Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition sales from Christmas day weren't impressive enough, the PC version's total and the game's lifetime sales ought to make your jaw drop.

Developer Jens Bergensten revealed over Twitter today that PC sales had reached 9 million, bringing overall sales across platforms to 20 million. Minecraft is available on PC, Xbox 360, Android, and iOS.

He wrote, "But [Minecraft Pocket Edition] beats all: in November 2012 it was at ~5 million sold copies, this week it's at 7.3 million and not slowing down."

We suspected as much last week, when we reported that the 360 version had overtaken its PC counterpart last year.

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By Stephanie Carmichael

CES 2013: The unu is an all-in-one tablet, game console, and Smart TV system

Gear & Gadgets on  Image / Screenshot

Gear & Gadgets Image

The unu, formerly introduced to the world as the "snakebyte eins", made another appearance at CES 2013 this week. Unlike previously announced and currently available Android-based gaming platforms, the unu offers a truly "multifaceted experience", acting as a tablet, gaming console, and Smart TV system. It is capable of running apps, surfing the web, and playing games, videos or music.

The key to the unu is what's inside of the retail box. A docking station allows you to hook the unu up to your television, turning the device into a Smart TV, so you can enjoy movies and games (with the controller!) on your big screen. While docked, you can control the unu with the game controller or the air mouse.

So how does this air mouse work? Judging from the trailer it looks like a simple television remote control. Basically, the unu recognizes the mouse (sort of like a Wiimote). You can then control the arrow on the television by moving the air mouse through mid-air. On the back of the mouse is a full keyboard that makes typing on the web even easier.

The unu runs using the Android operating system. Playable pre-release models are available at the snakebyte booth at CES. No official release date or pricing has been given.

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By Matt Liebl

Final Fantasy: All the Bravest includes a pig — for $1

Final Fantasy: All The Bravest on iPhone Image / Screenshot

FF: All the Bravest pig

Final Fantasy: All the Bravest is out now on the App Store, and apparently, one of the 35 premium characters is a pig.

You can't just pick and choose which of the "legendary heroes" you want to buy and add to your party. Each one is essentially a 99-cent grab bag, and they include famous characters (Tifa, Auron, and Red 13, for example) as well as creatures like a moogle, chocobo, and a pig, according to Siliconera.

The pig comes from Final Fantasy 4, in which a black mage turns Cecil and friends into swine. The game also features a spell that can change both enemies and party members into pigs.

You can purchase All the Bravest now for $3.99.

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By Stephanie Carmichael

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