Main Call of Duty portal update with cryptic fan mosaic potentially related to next entry in military shooter series.

The official Call of Duty website main landing page has been taken over by a cryptic fan mosaic, potentially teasing the next entry in Activision’s popular first-person shooter series.

Gamers can add their Twitter or Facebook profile picture and a message to the mosaic, in an effort to presumably reveal the next Call of Duty game. At press time, the mosaic is fairly sparse, though it appears to depict a face of some sort.

Activision is rumored to officially announce 2013′s Call of Duty game on Wednesday, May 1. Retailers Tesco and Target have revealed this game to be an Infinity Ward-produced Call of Duty: Ghosts running on a next-generation engine, but Activision has not commented on this.

The fan mosaic on the Call of Duty website does not appear to be an accident, as Activision community manager Dan Amrich is promoting the teaser through his website.

“Something’s up at,” he wrote. “You might wanna check it out.”

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By Eddie Makuch, News Editor